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Your donations truly make a difference and we want to sincerely thank you!

Due to your generosity The Brooklyn-Crystal Cemetery Association has gained $1,200 in donations in 2023. That money has made a tremendous difference in our cemetery and we wholeheartedly thank you! With your donations we have been able to repair the water pump for a second time, sand and apply a fresh coat of paint to the cemetery shed, remove two large trees and plant a new tree, and put out a newsletter. We thank you for how much your donations have helped our cemetery to prosper!

It is very important to us that you are provided with water when you come visit your loved ones with flowers. After our water pump was repaired in 2016, it was determined by the city shortly after that it was not up to code. It was because of your donations we were able to repair the pump yet again and are able to provide your flowers and plants with water once again!

The large tree in the center island became too overgrown and partially wilted. The decision was made to remove the large tree and have two planted in its place. Your donations allowed us to remove the old and purchase the new! 

Keeping our cemetery looking beautiful is our top priority. The number one way we do that is through our lawn care and maintenance. All of our equipment is stored in the shed at the North corner of the property. With your donations we were able to give our shed a much-needed makeover. 

It is our goal to keep you as informed as possible about our cemetery. To do this we fully utilize our mailbox. The old mailbox was looking worn down and in need of some attention. Your generous donations helped us to get a new mailbox so we can always keep you informed!

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