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Brooklyn-Crystal Cemetery Association Board Members

While all the members play an equally important role in our operation, Mark Wenz and Steve Wester are the members behind organization and communication with the public. Any comments, questions, or concerns should be directed their way through the contact information below or at

Mark Wenz - President

Contact Mark regarding all comments, questions or concerns. 

Cell phone number: 763-232-0481

E-mail address:


Steve Wester - Vice President

Cell phone number: 612-226-7407

E-mail address:

Lindsey Ringler - Secretary 

Anita Westberg - Treasurer

Contact Anita regarding all comments, questions or concerns. 

Home phone number: 763-862-9069

Cell phone number: 612-801-8170

E-mail address:

Eldon Tessman - Trustee

Home phone number: 763-424-8448

Todd Tessman - Trustee

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