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The Brooklyn-Crystal Cemetery Association is proud of all the improvements we have been able to make to our beautiful cemetery. We are so thankful to our community and our active board members for giving our cemetery the respect it deserves. 


In remembrance of our long-term friend and board member, Eldon Tessman. He was a remarkable man whose passion and dedication made the Brooklyn-Crystal Cemetery the place it is today. Eldon has been called a "Community Pillar" and will be greatly missed. 


Brooklyn-Crystal Cemetery is the resting place for many early pioneers of this area and also for their descendants. Over the years it has become quite difficult to identify the living owners of many of the grave sites. Ownership within each family passes to the surviving spouse or oldest living child or any other designated family member or person. Owners often sell or donate back to the Association grave sites which they determine will not be used by the family

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The management of our Association is the responsibility of a Coverning Board consisting of volunteers, elected for three-year terms by the Association Members. Positions include a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and two Trustees. Our annual meeting is conducted on the first Monday of May. Each year the meeting time, place and date is announced via local newspaper media for three consecutive weeks prior to the meeting. 


The Brooklyn-Crystal Cemetery Association is a non-profit organization run solely off community donations. All donations are very welcome and help fund our expenses and grounds maintenance. Each and every contribution is greatly appreciated and 100% tax deductible. 

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